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About us

We are Netgen

A different IT consultancy. We bring together our clients and the brightest IT talents of the country, fulfilling a huge potential in the process.

Tomorrow’s IT solutions demand a combination of innovation and experience. We connect with the consultants early in their carriers and team them up with more experienced IT consultants in order to grow their skillsets.

To us it is vital to create maximum value for both the consultants and the clients. Therefor we are offering a hybrid model, which combines the options of a classic consultancy model and a permanent employment model. In addition to the classical options, naturally. With that, our clients are able to choose exactly the kind of model that suits both them and the consultants.

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You've got the projects that set the ambition for your digital journey. We have the consultants with the right type of experience and innovative mindset to make the journey a successful one.

  • Program & Project Management
  • Programming
  • Operation & Support
  • Network & Server
  • Data, Analysis & Design
  • Testing
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