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Different projects call for different solutions, and sometimes the classic employment models don’t cut it. In Netgen, we offer a hybrid model, in addition to the consultancy model and the permanent employment model, that combines the two. With that you have a full range of possibilities.

These are the ways you can employ our talent:

We’ve got a network of 300 gifted IT consultants ready to help you move your digital journey forward. While we put together the team and handle all the admin, you enjoy our consultant’s dedicated and creative work on you most essential projects.
At Netgen, we find great long term value in making it flexible and easy for clients and IT consultants to continue their work together under a permanent contract, if both parties want to. Therefore, we offer exactly that. A hybrid model that allows you as a client to free up a consultant for a permanent contract with your company. Terms apply.
Opposite traditional IT consultancies, we at Netgen offer to handle your recruitment process when you are looking to hire within IT on a permant contract. IT talent are in high demand, but with our network and experience we help you navigate the waters and get in touch with the right candidates.

People skilled in…

Network & Server
Are you scheduled to update your company network, or do you simply lack the resources to handle your current setup? Netgen’s consultants can carry out anything from Access Management to complex analysis on network- and cyber security. As network technicians and network specialists our consultants hold both CCNA and CCNP certifications.
Data, Analysis & Design
You have plenty of data, but are you utilizing it in a way that supports the business, and are you presenting it in a way that carries the message? Netgen’s consultants have the skills to see you through or support you throughout the entire process. They help you asses your data quality and analyze the data, they set up Machine Learning processes connected to business analysis and they conduct the necessary technical design, 3D modelling and web design to facilitate communication.
Are certain elements in your IT road map getting delayed due to a lack of or insufficient resources? Get in touch and access the skill that suits your needs. At Netgen we cover the full stack, and at present we have consultants available specialized in: C#, PHP, JAVA, Swift, Python, SQL and COBOL. Do not hesitate to ask us about more obscure skills, as we do have some serious wizards in our network.
Project & Program Management
Larger IT projects almost certainly involve several entities, both internally and externally. Therefore the task of keeping everything in scope, on time and on budget is widely recognized within IT. So far, so good, but do have that resource? Both for the specific project and to keep more than one project aligned. Netgen’s specialists in project and program management collectively cover the methodological range from Waterfall, Prince2 and IPMA to Agile, Scrum, MSP and SAFe.
Operation & Support
Without a solid setup around service and system maintenance you might end up spending way too much time on IT operations. At Netgen we have vast experience running the service and operational organizations for our clients, for instance through ServiceNow, and handling critical services through Active Directory. We assist helpdesks, conduct the setting up of hardware and as whole we make sure that your IT functions so that you can stay focused on running your business.
IT systems need testing. Both pre-launch before moving into production, and while being updated as part of general maintenance. Netgen’s consultants got you covered in the testing area. We set us test automations, carry out test management and we conduct technical testing as well as functional and non-functional testing. On top of that we map vulnerabilities in your systems and networks through pen testing.

In the fall of 2017, a team of Netgen consultants contributed to the roll out of a new Mobile Device Management Platform on the iPhones of the administrative personnel.

The team was brought in at the very early stages of the project and carried out a range of tasks from the technical testing of the platform to the writing of user manuals. Following the implementation, the consultants did 1-to-1 user support towards DSB in connection with the transition to the new platform.

The Danish Regions are in the middle of the large and complex process of digitizing our public healthcare system. In Netgen we are pleased to help the Regions find the right IT resources for that purpose.

Most recently, we’ve provided Region Hovedstaden with a new Test Manager responsible for the testing of a new radio system for ‘Akutberedskabsstyrelsen’, and we’ve found a Project Manager for Region Sjælland who will see through the roll out of Windows 10 .

The future of banks is digital. Therefore, Nordea is dedicated to the process of improving its products and service offerings, thus ensuring that they keep up with their clients’ increasing demand for digital solutions.

One essential product in that regard has been a financial counselling tool, and to that end we have helped Nordea attract a highly skilled frontend developer. The consultant actually started out as a student in a Try & Hire position and was subsequently employed on a permanent contract as scrum master.

Barslund is a leading Danish contractor within the infrastructure area, and it boast more than 35 years of experience. For the further development of their IT infrastructure and to contribute to an algorithm for machine learning, Netgen has located two gifted data scientists as consultants.

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